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Worker’s Heritage in the Building Trades/ Union Organizer

    Read Section 4 (pages 24-33) of the book "Worker's Heritage in the Building Trades" and refer to the other resources in "Heritage of the American Worker Unit" to answer the questions below.

    Consider the following scenario. You are a young union organizer who has been tasked by your local union to organize a workplace, that is, get workers employed there to join your union in order to fight for higher wages, better working conditions, and/or benefits such as health care, sick leave, and guaranteed hours.

    List up to 5 things you would do to organize ONE of the following workplaces where many young people are employed:

    *Fast food restaurant
    *Sit-down restaurant
    *Retail outlet
    *Amusement park
    *Or come up with another workplace

    Workplace Selected: