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Artisans Societies: Sylvia M, Anthony H, Christopher P, Tristan J, Mustafa K, Oyediran S

Discussion questions What are some of the trades skills your group is interested in?  What are their patron saints? religious… Read More »Artisans Societies: Sylvia M, Anthony H, Christopher P, Tristan J, Mustafa K, Oyediran S

Kelvin Adams 2022-02-09 2023-05-24
Looking For Luddites (Adults)

Names: Steven C., Jaivon W., Jean C., Nick C., Albert, Alan, Keenan E. The Lesson for this Share Out! document… Read More »Looking For Luddites (Adults)

Kelvin Adams 2022-02-09 2023-05-24
Samuel Gompers

Names:Peter Aguirre,Chris Diaz,Michael Khaiyoum,johnathan sielinski,rhashaumba mobley,Brendan Tighe Consider Gompers’ classrooms when answering each of the questions that follows.  Also think… Read More »Samuel Gompers

Kelvin Adams 2022-02-09 2023-05-24
Indentured Apprentice Contract (Adults)

Names: Angelo G, Antonio R, Alex M, Gabby L, Giuseppe R, Raymond B, Norbu T Answer the following discussion questions,… Read More »Indentured Apprentice Contract (Adults)

Kelvin Adams 2022-02-09 2023-05-24
Share-out: Painters (Adults)

Names: Jean Cortes, Keenan Edwards, Emmanuel Perez and Anthony De Souza Construction Occupation: Painters Construction Skills has “direct entry” connections… Read More »Share-out: Painters (Adults)

Kelvin Adams 2022-05-06 2023-05-24
Recent Labor Leaders

Names: Paul, Emmanuel P, Alex R, Kelvin A, Andreas L, Nick V For each Labor Leader, answer the following questions:… Read More »Recent Labor Leaders

Kelvin Adams 2022-02-09 2023-05-24
Labor Day (Adults)

Names: Larissa Guzman, Gloriana Angulo, Michael Romano, Gustavo Gordillo, Nelson Perez, Emerson Martinez, Miguel Hernandez. Answer the following questions: Describe… Read More »Labor Day (Adults)

Kelvin Adams 2022-02-09 2023-05-24
Share-out: Steamfitters (Adults)

Names: Alan Urgiles, Oyediran Shonde, Alex Rivas, Raymond Jean-baptiste. Construction Occupation: Steamfitters Construction Skills has “direct entry” connections into 26… Read More »Share-out: Steamfitters (Adults)

Kelvin Adams 2022-05-06 2023-05-24
Share-out: Local 40 Iron Workers

Names: Antonio R. , Brendan T. , Mustafa K. , Tristan J. , Johnathan S. Construction Occupation: (LOCAL 40 Iron… Read More »Share-out: Local 40 Iron Workers

Kelvin Adams 2022-05-06 2023-05-23
Share-Out: Carpenters (Adults)

Names: Christopher P, Angelo G, Sylvia M, Paul B, Alex M. Construction Occupation: Carpenters Construction Skills has “direct entry” connections… Read More »Share-Out: Carpenters (Adults)

Kelvin Adams 2022-05-06 2023-05-23

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