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Work Assignments

Remote Classroom

To prepare you to enter the unionized construction industry, as a participant in the apprenticeship readiness program, jobs will be assigned daily. The assignments provide a opportunity to obtain experience working in teams, taking on leadership roles, and understanding some of the workflow on construction sites. Assignments will be provided by the administrative staff/instructor the day or week before your session starts. All personnel assigned to a job is expected to start ½ hour before class begins:

Foreperson 👩‍🏫

  • Assists the instructor in navigating the zoom room, •Letting participants in the zoom room •Checks for homework, groupwork, monitors the chat room  •Ensures classroom participants are on screen •Acts as a “second pair” of eyes for all jobs.

Safety Worker 🦺

  • Monitors the class to ensure that everyone is in compliance with the appropriate uniform. Staying safe *exercise, demonstrations or any potential hazards •Jeans-no rips, frays •Plain white T-shirt •Belt •Boots: tied to the top: no tags •ID Card •No Jewelry  •Ensures that participants are not doing anything to harm themselves while in sessions.

Coffee Runner : ☕

  • Takes the coffee order with note pad and pen/pencil. Needs to know what the order is ? Coffee, tea, bagel, water, juice, tea, muffin. Where is the worker located? What floor? What room?  •How much money is provided? •How much do you give back? •Tip (did you receive a tip) how much total? 

Maintenance Worker

  • Monitors the chat room •Takes notes for the chat •Informs participants of break/lunch times and monitors they are back from break/lunch •Observes the room to check that participants are on screen and focusing during class.

Quote of the Day 📝

  • Provides a motivational quote or saying for the day •Preferably pertaining to the training, industry, or life skills •Post quote in the chatroom or displays on share screen.

Stretch Coach 🎽

  • Leads the class in demonstrations •Selects 5 stretches from the list to demonstrate for the class •Monitors to ensure participants are following correct procedures for stretches.

Exercise Coach 💪🏼

  • Follows the approved exercises from the list •Leads the class by demonstrating the exercises, keeps the correct format/posture for reference •Monitors and keep focus to ensure participants are following directions.

Timekeeper/Music Player 🎶

  • Coordinates with stretch and exercise coaches during physical activity session •Monitors time for stretch and exercise sessions •Plays music with no profanity or negative connotations.

Breakout Group Roles

Researcher 🖥

  • (2)•Navigates the websites, obtains reference/information for the group

Presenter 🔊

  • Relays the information compiled from the group work to the general classroom •Coordinates with team to ensure information is accurate.

Notetaker 📝

  • Takes note and collects the information from group •Writes the information/edits the information on the webpage (data entry)