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winter 2021

    Instructions: Select one answer for each question. Complete the final in its entirety.

    1. OSHA 30 means?

    a. 30 Hours Pre-apprentice Trainingb. 30 Hours Safety Trainingc. 30 Hours Safety Planningd. 30 Hours of Safe Driving for Training

    2. In NYC, you will need  OSHA 10 to work on a job?

    a. Trueb. False

    3.On a job, time is _______ ?

    a. Abundantb. Limitedc. Moneyd. All of the above

    4. A journey person is?

    a worker, skilled in a given building trade or craft, who has successfully completed an official apprenticeship qualificationb. represent the interests of the members of their labor unionc. in their 4th year of learning and earningd. a person who is learning a trade from a skilled employer, having agreed to work for a fixed period at low wages

    5. A company man/woman means?

    a. An employee whose allegiance to his employer comes before personal beliefs or loyalty to fellow workers.b. An employee whose allegiance to his employer comes when overtime is granted.c. An employee whose allegiance to his employer comes after the 90 day probationary periodd. An employee whose allegiance to his employer comes before the 90day probationary period.

    6.When you are laid off from a job, where do you go?

    a. the houseb. the hallc. the shopd. the shanty

    7. Being a trades person can be:?

    a. Honorableb. Educationalc. Rewardingd. All of the above

    8.When will you be given the drug test?

    a. Before you are accepted into the unionb. After your first day at a job sitec. After you pay union duesd. All of the above

    9. What building was the first occupied to go green in NYC?

    a. Time Warnerb. Gulf and Westernc. Empire State Buildingd. Hearst Tower

    10. As a unionized construction worker you should: ?

    a. know your transportation route to the job prior to startb. work hard, be a team player and listen at all timesc. report to work at least 30 minutes prior to the startd. all of the above

    11. The instructors suggested you put away a certain percent each payday for yourself and/or saving. How much was this?
    a.10%b. 20%?c. 15%d. 25%

    12. How many tools should you buy per pay period?

    a.1b. 2c. 3d.4

    13. The Hearst Tower was built from the ground up.

    a. Trueb. False

    14. Green building refers to both a structure and the application of processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building's life-cycle: from planning to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition.

    a. Trueb. False

    15. Projects pursuing LEED certification earn points for various green building strategies across several categories based on the number of points achieved, a project earns one of four LEED rating levels:

    a. Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinumb. Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinumc. Certified Silver, Gold, Platinum Diamondd. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum

    16. In LEED v2.2 for new construction and major renovations for commercial buildings there are 69 possible points and buildings can qualify for four levels of certification:

    a. Certified: 26-32 points, Silver: 33-38 points, Gold: 39-51 points, Platinum: 52-69 pointsb. Certified: 26-32 points, Bronze: 33-38 points, Gold: 39-51 points, Platinum: 52-69 pointsc. Certified: 16-32 points, Silver: 33-38 points, Gold: 39-51 points, Platinum: 52-69 pointsd. Bronze: 26-32 points, Silver: 33-38 points, Gold: 39-51 points, Platinum: 52-69 points

    17. Introduction to the Building Trades Class provides an overview of the unionized construction industry focusing on soft skills, industry vocabulary, blueprinting, job retention, budgeting and hierarchy of the job sites.

    a. Trueb. False

    18. Once you start working in the unionized construction industry you should create a budget. The purpose of a budget is to: plan, organize, track, and improve your financial situationb. pay your bills down and use the rest for vacationc. to plan, organize and use the money to open a bank accountd. to organize when you can go shopping, on vacation and use your sick time

    19. Only income and expenses matter when you’re making a budget.
    a. Trueb. Falsec.d.

    20. A poor credit history can keep you from getting an apartment, and in some states, insurance or even a job.
    a. Trueb. False.

    21. Planning in advance for large purchases not only helps you better achieve your goals, but helps remove anxiety around the purchase. Large purchases may include things like:
    a. Training or educational expensesb. Tools or equipment you need for your jobc. A car or homed. All of the above.

    22. Savings is money you set aside today to use in the future. It could be for something
    you need in the next few months or even years from now. People save for many reasons some maybe:

    a. Unexpected expenses and emergenciesb. A bill they know will be due every few months, like car insurancec. A car or homed. All of the above.

    23. Prioritizing bills helps you manage issues when you can't pay them on time.
    a. Trueb. False

    24.Building a positive credit history (which is measured through credit reports and scores) can help you when getting a job or approval for housing or a loan. The three top credit reporting agencies are:
    a. TransUnion, Equifax, Equinunkb. TransUnion, Equifax, Expiredc. Equifax, Experian and TransUniond. Equifax, Experian and TranVersa

    25. When saving for retirement, one may consider opening up:
    a. Saving account, CD's, Bonds, Money Marketb. Checking account, CD's, Bonds, Money Marketc. Check cashing card, savings account, Money Marketd. Checking account, Credit cards, Money Market, Bonds

    26. Sexual harassment should not be tolerated on any job site. Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature is harassment when :
    a. Submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individual's employmentb. Submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as a basis for employment decisions affecting such individualc. Such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual's work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment.d. All of the above

    27. An example of sexual harassment on a worksite may be:
    a. Unwanted pressure for dates, unwanted sexual teasing, jokes, remarks, or questions, referring to an adult as a girl, hunk, doll, babe, or honey. · Whistling at someone. · Cat calls.b. Sexual comments, turning work discussions to sexual topics, sexual innuendos or storiesc. Personal questions about social or sexual life, sexual comments about a person's clothing, anatomy, or looks, kissing sounds, howling, and smacking lipsd. All of the above

    28. Quid Pro Quo is a Latin phrase that means this for that. A foreman asks for sexual favors in order for you to keep your job. Is this sexual harassment?

    a. Trueb. False

    29. A work environment that is undesirable, unwanted, intimidating and an offensive work place.

    a. Challenging Work Siteb. Hostile Work Environmentc. Hostile Marketd. Challenging Job Location

    30. Architectural Drawings are also known as?
    a. Printsb. Plansc. Drawingd. All of the above

    31. Sets of detailed architectural drawings used by builders and contractors to construct a building are?

    a .Instructionsb. Permitsc. Glossaryd. Blue Prints

    32. When handling a set of blue prints you should fold them so that they don't get dirty.

    a. Trueb. False

    33. Which type of drawings are the basis for all other drawings?

    a. Electricalb. Architecturalc. Mechanicald. Structural

    34. Blue print reading refers to the process of ----------.

    a. defining a drawingb. Constructing a buildingc. Interpreting a drawingd. Setting up the construction site

    35. Which drawing is considered the most important since it provides the most amount of information?

    a. Floor Planb. Elevationc. Cross Sectionald. Site Plan

    36. Which group represents the 5 most common letter codes on a set of plans?

    a. A,S,M,P,Db. A,S,M,P,Ec. S,A,M,P,Gd. A,S,F,P,M

    37. In short, retention is the act or condition of keeping something.

    a. Trueb. False

    38. Examples of good job retention in the construction industry may be when an employee:

    a. is punctual, follow directions, gets promotedb. shows up on time everyday, never absent, takes the coffee orderc. cleans the shanty, defaults on his dues, is the first one to workd. listens to the foreperson, buys tools, tells on his fellow coworkers

    39. To improve employee retention, your employees should trust and believe in each other. When they value each other, they will help each other and work as a team.
    a. Trueb. False

    40. Four types of sexual harassments are:
    a. Quid Pro Quo, Hostile Work Environment, Dissatisfactionb. Hostile Work Environment, Quid Pro Quo, Sexual Favoritism, Harassment by Non-Employeesc. Hostile Work Environment, Retention Harassment, Sexual Favoritism, Harassment by Non-Employeesd. Hostile Work Environment, Quid Pro Quo, Sexual Advances, Harassment by Non-Employees

    41. Is this sexual harassment? The guys are going out for a drink after work. They ask the female workers to come along:
    a. Yesb. No

    42. Is this sexual harassment? Pictures of naked women are displayed all over Sandra’s workplace. One picture features a naked woman with the words “USDA Choice” stamped across her body as if she were a piece of meat.

    a. Yesb. No

    43. Is this sexual harassment? A dartboard in the supervisor’s office is decorated with a drawing of a woman’s breast, with the nipple as the bull’s eye.

    a. Yesb. No

    44. Several suggestions for construction workers to save money are:
    a. Bring your own lunch, fill your water bottle from the cooler, rideshareb. bring your own coffee, prepare your own lunch, pack your own snackc. bring your own lunch, treat coworkers to coffee daily, buy the best and latest tool setd. a and b

    45. Credit Score is a positive expression based on a level of a person’s credit files.

    a. Trueb. False

    46. Credit is the ability of an customer to obtain goods or services before payment, based on the trust that payment will be made in the future.

    a. Trueb. False

    47. Interest is money payed regularly at a particular rate for the use of money lent, or for delaying. repayment of a debt
    a. Trueb. False

    48. The direct entry referral will guarantee you a job.

    a. Trueb. False

    49. As young apprentice, a career in the unionized construction industry may mean that you may work up to _______ years before retirement.

    a. 10 to 15b. 15-20c. 5-15d. 20-30

    50. The purpose of the speaker series week is become familiar with the various trade paths being offered by the BCTC. You may hear from various levels of the unionized construction hierarchy including: apprentices, journey person, business agent and/or apprentice directors.
    a. Trueb. False