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Information Session Reading Assessment (10D)

    Read each item. Then do Numbers 1 and 2.

    Look at this excerpt from an index
    Symbols, 37-44
    Chemistry 43-44
    Mathematics 37-38
    Music 38-40
    Physics 41-42

    1. On which page will you find information about symbols used in music?
    A. 37-38
    B. 38-40
    C. 41-42
    D. 43-44

    Look at this excerpt from an index.
    Immigrants and Immigration, 26, 58-65, 217-222
    from Bosnia: 26
    from Mexico: 217-222
    from Russia: 63-65
    from Vietnam: 61

    2. This excerpt indicates that the book contains the most information on immigrants from?
    A. Bosnia
    B. Mexico
    C. Russia
    D. Vietnam

    Read the paragraph. Then do numbers 3.
    Each piece of clothing in Gabe's laundry basket has washing instructions. Blue jeans should be washed in cold water, machine-dried, then taken out right away. Cotton T-shirts should be washed in warm water and then machine-dried. Towels should be washed in hot water and then machine-dried.

    3. Which of these instructions is most likely to appear on Gabe's cotton shirt?
    A. Wash in cold water; lay flat to dry
    B. Wash in cold water; machine-dry
    C. Wash in warm water; machine-dry
    D. Wash in hot Water; machine-dry

    4. According to the passage, dogs must be kept on a leash
    A. At all times
    B. In national parks
    C. On buses and trains
    D. While riding in the car

    5. The purpose of this passage is probably to?
    A. Teach people about keeping dogs safe in cars
    B. Give people tips on how to travel with their dogs
    C. Warn people about the problems of traveling with dogs
    D. Explain the nutritional needs of dogs when they are away from home
    E. None of these

    6. You would mostly find this passage in?
    A. An adventure story
    B. A travel magazine
    C. A hotel brochure
    D. A kennel advertisement

    7. The schedule states, "Please browse the company booths throughout the day."
    What does the word browse mean as it is used here?
    A. Visit
    B. Shop
    C. Open
    D. Watch

    Read the sentence and the question to decide which word best fills the blank.
    Paul will____ the presentation about resume writing on February 25.

    8. Which of these words shows that Paul will go to the presentation?
    A. Close
    B. Write
    C. Attend
    D. Practice

    9. Which of these events will Anika be able to go to after lunch on February 25?
    A. U.S Bureau of the Census
    B. Guide to the Job Fair
    C. Resume Writing
    D. Sunnyvale School District

    10. Which of these books would probably be the best source of other articles about chocolate?
    A. Foods of the New World
    B. Webster's New World Dictionary
    C. Spanish Cooking Through the Centuries
    D. Ancient Ceremonies of the Aztecs and the Maya

    11. What is the source of the beans that are used to make chocolate?
    A. Cacao trees
    B. Chili plants
    C. Almond trees
    D. Coffee bushes

    12. What did the ancient Maya and Aztecs often add to the chocolatl they drank?
    A. Sugar
    B. Almonds
    C. Cinnamon
    D. Chili peppers

    13. Which of these statements is best supported by the passage?
    A. Chocolate tastes better as a candy than it does as a drink.
    B. The Aztec emperor thought he was powerful he drank a of Chocolatl.
    C. Chocolate was a prized drink long before it became known throughout Europe.
    D. Only the explorers of the New World knew about chocolate before the sixteenth century.

    14. The article says that "ratings let the public know whether the content of a movie might be offensive."
    Which of these words means the opposite of offensive as it is used in this sentence?
    A. Boring
    B. Shocking
    C. Disgusting
    D. Acceptable

    15. What is the main difference between a movie this PG-13 rating and a movie with an R-rating?
    A. R-rating movies are more appropriate for young adults.
    B. People under the age of 17 can never see R-rated movies.
    C. PG-13-rating movies are more appropriate for small children.
    D. People under the age of 17 can see a PG-13-rated movie without an adult.

    16. Which statement about the article's subject matter is an opinion?
    A. Each movie receives one of four ratings
    B. Most adults do not enjoy G-rated movies
    C. The Motion Picture Association established the rating system in 1968
    D. People under the age of 17 cannot attend R-rated movies alone.

    17. Which of these best summarize the article?
    A. Parents should allow their children to see only G-rated movies.
    B. Young children should be prevented from seeing movies containing adult material.
    C. The ratings system is designed to help theater owners decide who should be allowed
    to see certain movies.
    D. The ratings system divides movies into four categories according to suitability for certain age groups.

    18. Immediately after digging the hole for the plant, the gardener?
    A. Patted the soil back into the place
    B. Sprinkled the plant with water
    C. Loosened the plant from the container
    D. Placed the plant into the freshly dug hole

    19. Which of these best explains why the gardener repeats the worlds "fool dog" three times?
    A. To show that she has trouble remembering things
    B. To show how angry she is that the dog buried the item
    C. To show how joyful she is to have finally found the missing item
    D. To show her surprise at what had happened to the missing item

    20. The author describes the gardener's hands as "bare, the tendons strung rigidly away from
    her knuckles." Which of these words means the opposite of rigidly as it is used in this sentence?
    A. Stiffly
    B. Tiredly
    C. Loosely
    D. Hurtfully

    21. This story would most likely be found in a:
    A. Family Magazine
    B. Business Newspaper
    C. Veterinary science textbook
    D. Gardening supplies catalog

    22. The author's main purpose in writing this passage was probably to:
    A. Tell the story of a famous American artist
    B. Explain why art is very popular in New Mexico
    C. Emphasize how different O'Keeffe was from the other artists
    D. Describe the importance of art in O'Keeffe's childhood

    23. According to the passage, O'Keeffe's art was known for being:
    A. Overly Precise
    B. Uniquely varied
    C. Surprisingly traditional
    D. Shockingly inappropriate

    24. According to the passage, one significant way in which O'Keeffe and Stieglitz differed was that:
    A. O'Keeffe was a painter and Stieglitz was a photographer
    B. O'Keeffe was a student and Stieglitz was a teacher
    C. O'Keeffe was experimental and Stieglitz was traditional
    D. O'Keeffe was well known and Stieglitz was not

    25. The passage states that O'Keeffe's "legacy can be celebrated and studied at the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum." This means that visitors to the museum can:
    A. Meet her relatives
    B. Purchase art supplies
    C. Learn about her artistic
    D. Reserve space for private parties