* Reading

    The town of Harborview is celebrating its anniversary with a festival of food, music, and fun. Read the flier below. Then do Numbers 1 through 3.

    1. The purpose of the flier is to:
    A. encourage people to attend the events
    B. persuade organizers to plan the events
    C. report events that have already taken place
    D. recruit volunteers to help with the events

    2. According to the flier, there will be “antique cars parked along Main Street” on Saturday. Which of these words means the opposite of antique?
    A. classic
    B. domestic
    C. contemporary
    D. manufactured

    3. Which of these best summarizes the flier?,
    A. Old Town Community Days marks Harborview’s anniversary with a variety of activities celebrating the past and present.
    B. Old Town Community Days celebrates the history of Harborview with a costume contest.
    C. People who like to eat local specialties should come to Old Town Community Days.
    D. There will be many opportunities for people to participate in competitions during Old Town Community Days.

    Read this passage about the psychology of color. Then do Numbers 4 through 7.

    4. Which of these statements best expresses the main idea of the passage?
    A. It is best to decorate an office with bright colors.
    B. Humans respond to color on both personal and cultural levels.
    C. All over the world, people respond in the same way to a color.
    D. Babies’ preferences for blue and red explain the popularity of those colors.

    5. The passage states that “the colors we choose for our clothing, our homes, and our offices are a form of subtle communication.” Which of these words means the opposite of subtle as it is used in this sentence?
    A. clever
    B. positive
    C. obvious
    D. important

    6. According to the passage, the effects of teal and purple in office surroundings are similar because these colors:
    A. bring good luck to homes and offices
    B. capture the interest of newborn infants
    C. create a feeling of order and professionalism
    D. promote a feeling of safety and general well-being

    7. Which of these statements is an opinion expressed by the passage?
    A. The power of color is fascinating to study.
    B. Human beings of all ages respond to color.
    C. The color red is often associated with power.
    D. A preference for certain colors is often cultural.

    Here is a flier about dental care. Read the flier. Then do Numbers 8 through 11.

    8. According to the flier, how often should you floss your teeth?
    A. once a day
    B. once a week
    C. at least two times a day
    D. at least every six months

    9. According to the flier, what is the connection between bacteria and tooth decay?
    A. Bacteria multiply because teeth are destroyed by acid.
    B. Bacteria prevent acid from forming between the teeth.
    C. Bacteria living in the mouth produce acids that cause decay.
    D. Bacteria growing on enamel destroy acids that provide nutrition.

    10. How does the second list on the flier differ from the first?
    A. The first list tells about the dangers of biting hard objects.
    B. The second list gives instructions about proper flossing.
    C. The second list describes things you should avoid doing in order to protect teeth.
    D. The first list describes how bacteria in the mouth eventually destroy tooth enamel.

    11. Which of these booklets would probably be the best source of information on how to prevent dental problems?
    A. The Anatomy of a Tooth
    B. Specialists in the Field of Dentistry
    C. What Is It Like to Go to the Dentist?
    D. Dental Care for Infants, Children, and Adults

    Here is a magazine article about making your own household cleaners. Read the information. Then do Numbers 12 through 14.

    12. According to the recipes in the article, which of these will freshen the air?
    A. steam
    B. borax
    C. vinegar
    D. cotton balls

    13. The carpet cleaner described in the article should be applied with a:
    A. cotton ball
    B. scrub brush
    C. clean cloth
    D. damp sponge

    14. According to the article, which of these would best clean up a spot of ketchup on a light-colored carpet?
    A. borax, lemon juice, and water
    B. vinegar, lemon juice, and water
    C. boiling water, vanilla, and borax
    D. cinnamon, borax, and lemon juice

    Here is a short biography of Helen Keller. Read the biography. Then do Numbers 15 through 18.

    15. When did Helen Keller come down with the illness that destroyed her hearing and sight?
    A. at birth
    B. as a baby
    C. at age five
    D. as a teenager

    16. The biography says that Keller learned quickly after her “initial breakthrough.” Breakthrough as it is used here means:
    A. a desire to learn
    B. a tip for learning
    C. an obstacle to learning
    D. a step forward in learning

    17. Anne Sullivan remained Helen Keller’s assistant and companion until:
    A. Anne became ill
    B. Anne’s death in 1936
    C. Helen’s death in 1968
    D. Helen learned to communicate

    18. Anne Sullivan’s attitude toward Helen Keller could best be described as:
    A. negative
    B. supportive
    C. motherly
    D. competitive

    This story is about a mechanic named Kirk. Read the story. Then do Numbers 19 through 22.

    19. Kirk noticed that the mother looked frustrated. Frustrated means about the same as:
    A. upset
    B. curious
    C. relaxed
    D. furious

    20. Which of these quotations from the story is an opinion?
    A. “Hot today, isn’t it?”
    B. “What do I owe you?”
    C. “It only took a minute.”
    D. “Pull it into the garage.”

    21. Which of these statements is best supported by the story?
    A. Customers ask for many favors.
    B. Customers appreciate extra attention.
    C. Customers are too busy to wait their turn.
    D. Customers worry about the service they are getting.

    22. Which of these is the best summary of the story?
    A. A tired mother receives a special gift.
    B. A young boy discovers his future career.
    C. A new mechanic discovers the importance of his job.
    D. A woman and her son are saved by a clever mechanic.

    Malik wants to buy a cellular phone. Read the advertisement that he found for Clearly Cellular. Then do Numbers 23 through 25.

    23. On the Clearly Cellular plan, if Malik calls a neighbor at 10 a.m. on a Saturday, which of these will happen?
    A. Malik will receive a lower phone rate.
    B. Malik will not be charged for the call.
    C. Malik will not have to pay a setup fee.
    D. Malik will be charged fifty cents per minute.

    24. Suppose Malik signs up for the $29.99 per month rate plan and pays the setup fee. To receive the free phone and weekend minutes that are advertised, he must also:
    A. shop online at www.circellular.net
    B. sign a three-year service agreement
    C. pay taxes and long distance charges on all calls
    D. use the cellular phone between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.

    25. Which of these statements is supported by the information in small print at the bottom of the advertisement?’
    A. The advertisement is simple and direct.
    B. Taxes are included in the monthly fee.
    C. All the rate plans listed include a free phone as advertised.
    D. A customer’s monthly bill may be more than the advertised rate plan amount.