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Green Construction Quiz

    Green Construction Unit. Answer all the questions below.

    1. What does the Acronym LEED Mean?
    a. Lead Energy and Economic Designb. Least Earthly Erosion Designc. Lost Energy ever Designedd. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

    2. What will Green Building help with?
    a. Reducing Global Warmingb. Preserving Natural Resourcesc. Quality of Lifed. All of the above

    3. Global climate change has been taking place due to:
    a. Process that keeps the earth warmb. Greenhouse gas emissionsc. Green buildingd. All the above

    4. NYC Buildings contribute to over________ of the city's total pollution?
    a. 60%b.50%c.55%d. 70%

    Based on the LEED Buildings discussed in class, select the appropriate answer:

    5. 2 Grant Street Harvard, Technology: Vehicle Charging Station
    a. Alternativeb. Minimization

    6. Centre for Sustainable Chemistry, Technology: Solar Panels
    a. Alternativeb. Minimization

    7. Empire State Building, Technology: Retrofit Lights
    a. Alternativeb. Minimization

    8. Capitol Mall, Technology: Window Glass
    a. Alternativeb. Minimization

    9. 15 Hawthorne St., Technology: Low flow faucets
    a. Alternativeb. Minimization

    10. Karela Office Park, Technology: Green Roof
    a. Alternativeb. Minimization

    11. Paragon, Technology: Water Meters
    a. Alternativeb. Minimization

    12. 6BC Botanical Garden, Technology: Grey Water
    a. Alternativeb. Minimization

    13. San Bernardino Transit Center, Technology: Drought Tolerant Landscape
    a. Alternativeb. Minimization

    14. Willis Tower, Technology: Energy Recovery Ventilation
    a. Alternativeb. Minimization

    15. Chrysler Building, Technology: Thermal Comfort Automation
    a. Alternativeb. Minimization

    Answer the following questions in 3 to 5 sentences.

    16. What is a "building envelope" and what does it have do with green construction?

    17. What is building commission and what does it have to do with green construction?

    18. What is the LEED system and what is its role in design and construction?

    19. What are some environmental advantages of building green?