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Youth Green Buildings (Wednesday)

Youth Green Buildings (Wednesday)

Your group will be searching on the Internet for 3 green buildings. You will open today’s group worksheet, and generate check lists for those 3 green buildings. You may also attach files (pics, drawings, etc.) to help describe a building’s green functions, although that is not required.


Remember, during the subsequent Share Out, you will be asked to describe each of your ‘X’s.
The more interesting, the more noteworthy.

To help you get started with your research, what follows are links to lists of green buildings.

Academic institutions are leading the way, and many of them have published their checklists online.


  1. Colorado State’s Durrell Center received 5 out of 5 points for Green Power, due to its construction of solar tubes, solar roofs, and dining deck that faces Moby Arena to take advantage of the Colorado sunshine year-round.
  2. Existing building materials were recycled during a 2012 renovation. It received a 2 out of 2 for Construction Waste Management.
  3. Additionally, Durrell Center is central to multiple alternative transportation stops, and includes bicycle parking and changing rooms (6/6).



Academic Building Lists with checklist

no checklist

very detailed descriptions
Cornell University

over 100 buildings, some certified Platinum
Harvard University

129,312 certified LEED buildings all around the world.
Not many details, and you will have to find additional sources of information as to why the building is green.
U.S. Green Building Council

New York City has already invested significantly in green buildings. Here are some lists of them in the city.

Like USGBC, you will have to find additional info for buildings listed in these links.

Passive Houses
Does not use LEED criteria, but can easily be translated into a checklist.

And some videos
Groundbreakers Green Architecture
Rooftop Gardens (ad required)