Workplace Behavior


Sexual Harassment Prevention Training


  • YES If you think it is sexual harassment
  • NO If you do not think it is sexual harassment
  • MAYBE If you think it may be sexual harassment
  • ? If you are not sure


  1. Male employees whistle at a female employee as she walks through the warehouse.
  2. A male worker asks a female co-worker if she ‘got any’ over the weekend.
  3. A male on a crew asks a female on the crew out for a date. She says no, she’s not interested; he continues to ask.
  4. A crew leader writes notes with sexual innuendos and leaves them in a female worker’s locker.
  5. Pin-ups of naked women are hanging in the shop.


  1. A supervisor puts a hand on a worker’s shoulder and says ‘You’re really doing a great job. Let’s go out for a drink later and talk about your future with the company.
  2. A male worker puts his hand over a female worker’s to demonstrate how to use a tool. He takes his hand away as soon as he finished the demonstration.
  3. The guys are going out for a drink after work. They ask the female workers to come along.
  4. Julio works in a large downtown office building at night. One of the guys who works late has followed him around, asking him to have a drink with him. Julio does not understand English very well and decides to avoid going to that office. He has been reprimanded for not cleaning that office.
  5. Steve regularly leers at Sandra’s body, focusing on her breasts, hips and butt. It disorients Sandra to the extent that she sacrifices time and energy to go out of her way to avoid Steve’s workstation.


  1. Nancy and Isabel work in the same office. Whenever Nancy is near Isabel, she makes a point of touching her or brushing up against her. Isabel doesn’t like it and has told Nancy that it upsets her. Nancy persists.
  2. Steve is a forklift operator. All of his co-workers are female. He is young and attractive and the women take turns teasing him about his physique and making suggestive remarks. As a result, Steve often finds it hard to concentrate on his work. This has led to errors and Steve has been given a warning by his boss. Steve has now asked the women to stop, but they treat it as a big joke and continue.
  3. Pictures of naked women are displayed all over Sandra’s workplace. One picture features a naked woman with the words “USDA Choice” stamped across her body as if she were a piece of meat. A dartboard in the supervisor’s office is decorated with a drawing of a woman’s breast, with the nipple as the bull’s eye.
  4. A foreman has to choose who to lay off. He tells a female worker that if she agrees to go out with him she won’t get laid off.
  5. A female trainee at a tool and die shop complains to her trainer that she does not like him rubbing up against her when they are working together. The trainer tells her that it comes with working in this field.