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Share-out: Steamfitters (Adults)

Share-out: Steamfitters (Adults)

Names: Alan Urgiles, Oyediran Shonde, Alex Rivas, Raymond Jean-baptiste.

Construction Occupation: Steamfitters

Construction Skills has “direct entry” connections into 26 NYC local construction union apprenticeship programs. Click on the link below to select the Union Apprenticeship Program your team is interest in.  Answer the following:

Construction Skills “Direct Entry” Union Apprenticeship Programs

Additional  reference information:

U.S  Bureau of Labor Statistics  


  1. Summarize ‘What They Do’?
    Answer: They do all types of pipe fitting, welding, soldering, brazing, sprinkler fitting, and HVAC. 
  2. How are apprenticeships supported in your Occupation?
    Answer:   Apprentices  learn on the job during a 5 year program so they earn while they learn while picking up skills of the trade by journeyman/mechanics. This allows for information to be passed on through generations and make it possible to make a living from learning a trade.
  3. List and describe common tools used in your career.
    Answer: Tape measures, Levels, beveling machines, Welders, PPE, Hard hat helmets, welding hoods, gauntlet gloves, leather jackets, welders guage, fitter grips, centering head, pipe wraps, flange aligners.
  4. List some abilities necessary for successful advancement in your career.
    Answer: Must be able to lift up to 50-80 pounds, proficiency in blueprint reading, problem solving abilities, ability to work with others, Must be proficient in geometry.