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Share-out: Laborers (Adults)

Share-out: Laborers (Adults)

Names: Steven C., Larissa R., Nick V., Albert M., Chris D.

Construction Occupation: Laborers

Construction Skills has “direct entry” connections into 26 NYC local construction union apprenticeship programs. Click on the link below to select the Union Apprenticeship Program your team is interest in.  Answer the following:

Construction Skills “Direct Entry” Union Apprenticeship Programs

Additional  reference information:

U.S  Bureau of Labor Statistics  


  1. Summarize ‘What They Do’?
    Answer: Local 79 was founded in 1996 through 10 smaller locals.  Laborers usually part take in general construction, site maintenance, masonry assistance, and basic demolition. 
  2. How are apprenticeships supported in your Occupation?
    Answer: The apprenticeship is supported in our occupation by allowing apprentices to learn a numerous amount of different skills involved in different trades. Laborers are usually amongst the most diverse of the trades.
  3. List and describe common tools used in your career.
    Answer: Hammers are amongst the most common tools used by laborers but they also carry a utility belt that usually holds a tape measure, screwdriver, utility knife, and caulk gun.
  4. List some abilities necessary for successful advancement in your career.
    Answer: Fire watch, Mason tending, fire proofing and mixing, flagging, motor mixing, and restoration work.
  5. List some detailed work activities for your occupation.
    Answer: Detailed work for laborers could include; assisting all fellow tradesman on site, cleaning, keeping egress.