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Share-out: Iron Workers (Adults)

Share-out: Iron Workers (Adults)

Names: Nicholas Christopher, Michael Romano, Jaivon Wilson, Miguel Hernandez, Andreas Loizi

Construction Occupation: Iron Workers

Construction Skills has “direct entry” connections into 26 NYC local construction union apprenticeship programs. Click on the link below to select the Union Apprenticeship Program your team is interest in.  Answer the following:

Construction Skills “Direct Entry” Union Apprenticeship Programs

Additional  reference information:

U.S  Bureau of Labor Statistics  


  1. Summarize ‘What They Do’?
    Answer:  Local 580 provides NYC with breathtaking skyline architecture that has made the city and region famous. Their curtain walls dress the most beautiful buildings in the whole country. Their bronze and stainless steel entrances are notable throughout. They erect steel frameworks and other metal components within buildings, bridges and dams throughout NYC.
  2. How are apprenticeships supported in your Occupation?
    Answer: One way that apprentices are supported within local 580 is that they provide each individual with an extensive 4 year program designed to prepare potential prospects to be field ready. This is broken up yearly and each year is focused on several key elements of the trade. An example would be that within year 1 of apprenticeship, prospects will have their OSHA 30 training, Rigging and crane training also curtain wall and windows training, year 2 will comprise of SMAW, FCAW, GMAW, GTAW and AWS welding test.   
  3. List and describe common tools used in your career.
    Answer: Some of the common tools utilized within 580 are welding machines, gloves, safety vests, harnesses, welding masks, hardhats, retractable lifelines, levels, and vicegrip tongs.
  4. List some abilities necessary for successful advancement in your career.
    Answer: Some abilities necessary for the successfulness in this career may include physical fitness, specialize in burning, welding, rigging, installation of curtain walls, staircases, window guards, fences and working with exotic metals.