Samuel Gompers (Wednesday)

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Samuel Gompers 3


Consider Gompers' classrooms when answering each of the questions that follows.  Also think about how apprentices connect to the questions.
  1. In Gompers' Autobiography, what apprenticeship skill did he learn? Answer:
  2. Was it a difficult skill?  Why or why not? Answer:
  3. Given the difficulty of the skill, what was he able to do during work? Answer:
  4. What does he mean when he says, "mind-freedom"? Answer:
  5. What sort of relationships did he have with his fellow workers? Answer:
  6. During WWI, Gompers stepped back on his labor demands.  What kinds of concessions did he make?
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  7. What important goal did Gompers hope to achieve with these concessions? Answer:
  8. What were some of the organizations Gompers presided over?
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  9. In the speech at the end of the lesson, Gompers talks about "new relations." Described what they are. Answer:

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