Samuel Gompers (Wednesday)

Names: JordanR, JasonN, YesseniaF, SaclainS.

Consider Gompers’ classrooms when answering each of the questions that follows.  Also think about how apprentices connect to the questions.

  1. In Gompers’ Autobiography, what apprenticeship skill did he learn?
    Answer: Samuel Gompers followed his father into the cigar making profession. He served as an apprentice no another cigar maker which was a standard way to learn trade.
  2. Was it a difficult skill?  Why or why not?
    Answer: Rolling cigars doesn’t require too much thought, so Samuel Gompers had the mental leisure to contemplate economic issues and that hes been doing it at the age of 10 with his father
  3. Given the difficulty of the skill, what was he able to do during work?
    Answer: Because of the level of difficulty the skill he learned had he became good at using his hands that soon he was almost able to preform the skill without thinking.
  4. What does he mean when he says, “mind-freedom”?
    Answer: Seem that he became good at his skill or craft he was able to have this mind-freedom or ability to preform his craft without thinking so much about it. He said he was able to talk or sing seem that he did not have to focus so much on the task
  5. What sort of relationships did he have with his fellow workers?
    Answer: Gompers had a close relationship with his fellow workers because he helped many of his workers for the better
  6. During WWI, Gompers stepped back on his labor demands.  What kinds of concessions did he make?
    • #1 Advocated Craft or trades unionism
    • #2 political reform as the best way of securing workers’ rights and welfare.
    • #3 articulated an independent political agenda
  7. What important goal did Gompers hope to achieve with these concessions?
    Answer: Samuel Gompers wanted to build the labor movement into a force powerful in order to transform the economic, social and political status of America’s workers.
  8. What were some of the organizations Gompers presided over?
    • #1  Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions of the United States of America and Canada, now known as AFL
    • #2  Advisory Commission of the Council for National Defense
    • #3 cigar shop
  9. In the speech at the end of the lesson, Gompers talks about “new relations.” Describe what they are.
    Answer: Gompers is talking about how we need to build more relationships and create new connections. Gompers wants people to come together for the Declaration of Independence, the right to life, liberty. He also wants people and nations to come together for many things like the pursuit of happiness but also the rule of everyday.