Looking For Luddites (Tuesday)

Names:Ivan Isidoro, Aaron Algu, John Baio, Juan Collado, Yeriel Caba, Jordan Kirkland

The Lesson for this Share Out! document the shortest one.  That’s because this lesson is more designed towards writing answers to essay questions.  Most of the other Share Out! docs today are short answer questions, if you would prefer short answers.

That being said, understanding Luddites is a way to understand the connections from the medieval Guilds reaching out to us in today’s labor unions.

Try reading the short lesson a couple of times, looking for the connections in the links connected to the two pages of the lesson.

Please try to type out a few sentences for each of your answers:

  1. What annual celebration will be held this Thursday?
  2. Secrets and mysteries are mentioned through the two pages.  Why is so little known about Luddites?
  3. Describe the two machine breaker events mentioned
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    • #2
  4. Describe the machines the Luddites were so infuriated over
  5. Describe the working conditions children suffered under in the gig mills, et. al.
  6. What does laissez faire mean?
  7. In E.P. Thompson’s quote, he describes the Luddites as looking backwards and forwards.  Summarize in your own words the two visions the Luddites held which led to them breaking machines.