Financial Literacy

Names: Fernando Rodriguez, Kimberly Rodriguez, Hardys Baez, Octavio Gonzalez, David Balbuena, Jessica Garcia, Luke Richardson, Steve Llapa, Roberto Gil, Aaron Algu

Instructions: Part 1.   It’s New Years’ Eve 2013.  You have just inherited $5,000 from your wise and frugal Aunt Tillie.  Having already set up your two savings funds, you want to be sure to use this precious gift in a way she would be proud of.  Using the set of stocks provided below, develop a portfolio of the stocks you intend to invest in.  You can invest in one, all, or select stocks as long as your total portfolio comes to $5,000.  (You can have up to $100 cash left over.)

Name Symbol Industry Price* 12/31/13 #Shares Cost Price* Today Cost
Microsoft MSFT Tech $37 13 $500 $259 $3,367



ExxonMobil XOM Oil $101
Amazon Amzn Retail $399
Pfizer PFE Pharma $31
Ford F Auto $15
Wells Fargo WFC Financial $45
Sprint S Telecom $11
Public Storage PSA Prop Rental $151 10 $1500 $309 $3,090
McDonalds MCD Restaurant $97 15 $1500 $254.37 $3,815.55
Home Depot HD Retail $82 18 $1500 $294 $5,292
Stock Portfolio MSFT PSA MCD HD
Remaining Cash $4500 $3000 $1500 $0 $5000 Spent $5000
Total Portfolio $500 $1500 $1500 $1500 $5000  Gained  $15,564.55

Part 2.  Time has gone by.  Using, find the current stock prices* to see how much are your stocks are worth today.  Has your total portfolio gone up or down? *Stock prices rounded off to the closest dollar  

Our Portfolio went up