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Financial Literacy Assessment 1

Financial Literacy Assessment 1


Financial Future


  1. Janelle is a recent High School graduate who currently works weekends at Best Buy earning the federal minimum wage. She is now considering her employment options. How much will she earn in the course of a year under each of the following options:
  • Option A: She continues to work at Best Buy, working 30 hours per week for the full year; 52 weeks.  23,400
  • Option B: She finds a non-union construction job, working 44 weeks out of the year. 31,856
  • Option C: She finds a union construction job, passes her apprenticeship and works 44 weeks out of the year. 49,412
  1. Planning your finances in construction is challenging, more so than many other types of jobs. Give at least three reasons why.


  1. If you got a good paying construction job, what would you do with your first pay check? Two to three paragraphs.