Artisans Societies (Wednesday)

Discussion questions

  1. What are some of the trades skills your group is interested in?  What are their patron saints? religious fraternity.
    Answer:Some trades include Carpenters, Goldsmiths and Blacksmiths. Their patron saints were Colette and Eligius.
  2. What were the benefits of a craftsman joining an artisan society?
    Answer: Provided benefits to those in need because of illness, injury, death or other misfortune.
  3. What does “freeman” mean?
    Answer: a freeman is also known as a journey man. A journey man is someones work is so good they could journey anywhere.
  4. By the 14th century, how important were craftsmen in England.
    Answer:It was important because they would organize religious fraternities
  5. Describe the monopoly King Henry granted a Tanners Guild in 1170
    Answer:No journeyman is allowed to sell their services in the market if they don’t have more than 7 years of experience
  6. What kinds of Medieval Craft Guilds existed in England? More specific?
    Answer:Merchant guilds and craft guilds were the only guilds that existed in medieval Europe. Merchant guilds were involved with most of the merchants in specific areas, they may be “long-distance traders’, or wholesale or retail sellers, who also deal with various goods. Craft guilds were occupational associations who were usually in a group of artisans and craftsmen in a particular branch of industry or commerce. Guilds consisted of weavers, dyers, and fullers in the wool trade, but for architects there were guilds of painters, metalsmiths, blacksmiths, bakers, butchers, leather workers, soap makers, etc.
  7. Describe the relationship between master and apprentice during a seven-year apprenticeship.
    Answer:the apprentice then starts to practice, and is corrected by the master until he/she is proficient at the skill
  8. Why were the Medieval Guilds (and the journeymen members) so wealthy?
    Answer: Only a journeyman with years of experience could work in the market which gave many journeymen or guild members a monopoly over the industry making them so wealthy
  9. What is the difference between “livened” and “yeoman” members of an artisan’s society?
    Answer: Livened were retailers and wholesalers and yeoman were journeymen who never reached livened status.

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