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Orientation & Industry Awareness: Allegiant Stadium

Assignment One: In this Unit of the MC3, we will begin with a series of videos that show the different stages in the construction of a mega-project: Allegiant Stadium, the new home of the Las Vegas Raiders football team.  Your first assignment is to watch the episodes from the series ( From the Ground Up) and take notes on each video.

  1. From the Ground Up –Episode One: More Than Just a Building
  2. From the Ground Up –Episode Two: Nature’s Cement                          
  3. From the Ground Up –Episode Three: We Don’t Like Surprises
  4. From the Ground Up –Episode Four: Every Little Bit of Time Counts
  5. From the Ground Up –Episode Nine: One Wrong Repeat . . . Causes Chaos!
  6. From the Ground Up –Episode Ten: How the Forces Work

You will then answer questions based on these videos.

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