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    1.Which of these numbers is a common factor of 18 and 42?
    A. 4
    B. 6
    C. 7
    D. 9

    2. Which group of numbers is missing from this number pattern?

    A. 14, 16, 18
    B. 15, 17, 19
    C. 15, 18, 20
    D. 16, 18, 20

    3. Which of these figures appears to have the same shape as the figure in the box?


    The Columbus Folk Festival was held at the State Fairgrounds this weekend. The attendance for two years is shown in the table below. Study the table. Then do Number 4 through 7.

    4. What was the attendance at the folk festival on Friday last year?
    A. 2,078
    B. 2,116
    C. 3,618
    D. 4,194

    5. What was the total attendance at the folk festival this year?
    A. 8,948
    B. 7,734
    C. 5,848
    D. 4,194

    6. According to the information in the table, which day had the highest attendance at the folk festival?
    A. Sunday, last year
    B. Saturday, last year
    C. Friday, this year
    D. Sunday, this year

    7. According to the information in the table, which of these statements about attendance is true?
    A. The attendance on Saturday decreased from last year to this year.
    B. The lowest attendance for both years WAS on Friday.
    C. The attendance on Sunday was lower this year than last year.
    D. The attendance on each day increased this year Compared with last year.

    8. What is the correct value for Point T on the number line?

    A. 2 1/10
    B. 2 3/5
    C. 3 2/5
    D. 3 4/5

    9. What two figures below are the same size and shape?

    A. P and Q
    B. Q and S
    C. R and S
    D. P and R

    10. Which of these fractions equals one half?
    A. 2/6
    B. 3/6
    C. 2/2
    D. 2/1

    The chart shows the cost of automobile parts and the repair time for each of the services at Abve's Auto Repair. Study the chart. Then do Numbers 11 through 13.

    11. What is the cost of parts for engine rebuilding if the car is serviced on Monday?
    A. $1,500.00
    B. $1,505.00
    C. $1,545.00
    D. $1,900.00

    12. On which day of the week does Abe's Auto Repair offer the lowest price for brake repair?
    A. Monday
    B. Wednesday
    C. Saturday
    D. Sunday

    13. John took his car to Abe's Auto Repair on Monday for an oil change. What was the total amount he paid for parts and labor?
    A. $29.95
    B. $20.00
    C. $45.00
    D. $49.95

    A group of job applicants took a two-part employment test. The test results are given in the table. Study the table. Then do Numbers 14 through 16.

    14. About how many points higher is the average score for Part 1 than the average score for Part 2 ?
    A. 2 points
    B. 4 points
    C. 6 points
    D. 7 points

    15. Which of these is the average of Mr. Graves' test scores for Part 1 and Part 2 of the test?
    A. 78.5
    B. 79.0
    C. 81.0
    D. 80.4

    16. Ms. Stewart had a combined score of 163 points for Parts 1 and 2 of the test. Which of these job applicants had a lower combined total than Ms. Stewart?
    A. Mr. Graves
    B. Ms. Baker
    C. Mr. Diaz
    D. Ms. Kelly

    17. Which of these figures shows a cone on top of a cube?


    18. Which of these is a way to express the total number of tickets shown?

    A. (2 x 3) + 2
    B. 2 X (3 + 2)
    C. (3 )< 2) + 3
    D. 2 + (2 + 3)

    19. Michelle is making a quilt out of fifty squares of colorful material. Fifty squares cost a total of $26.12. About how much does each square cost?
    A. $0.20
    B. $0.50
    C. $0.75
    D. $1.00

    20. What value of n makes both equations true?

    A. 3
    B. 5
    C. 15
    D. 18

    21. The table shows the number of people entering a farmers market during a 3-hour period.

    Rounding to the nearest ten, which set of numbers should be used to best estimate the total number of people who entered the market during the 3 hours?

    A. 140, 90, and 130
    B. 130, 80, and 120
    C. 130, 90, and 130
    D. 130, 90, and 120

    22. What is the place value of the 6 in the number 96,745 ?
    A. Tens
    B. Hundreds
    C. Thousand
    D. Ten Thousand

    23. Dan has four one-dollar bills and five quarters. Fred has one five-dollar bill and two dimes. Which' of these statements is true?
    A. Fred has more bills than Dan.
    B. Fred has more money than Dan.
    C. Fred has more money in bills than Dan.
    D. Fred has more money in coins than Dan.

    The map shows the location of serveral places in a town. Study the map. Then do Numbers 24 through 26.

    24. Which of these best describes the streets on which the Bowling Alley and Pizza Parlor are located?
    A. skew
    B. parallel
    C. congruent
    D. perpendicular

    25. Which of these streets appear to run parallel to each other?
    A. 1st Street and 4th Street
    B. Highway 25 and 3rd Street
    C. Chestnut Road and 4th Street
    D. Oak Street and 1st Street